Best home theater room design involve selection of five components namely Projector, Amplifiers and speakers,Acoustic, Home automation.  

Home theater room Projector that gives quality Video content, Amplifier and speakers for producing high resolution sound, Acoustic for obtaining best result on sound to the audience.  Home theater room Automation is mainly for climatic control, lighting, Remote management etc.,  

Home theater room lighting is important solution, dim light in combination with bright exit light will be more useful.

Home theater ceiling is also made with acoustic material to give better voice delivery and reverberation

Home theater projector selection also important in designing Best Home theater rooms, a good 1080p or 4k projector will give liveliness to the movies we enjoy.

home theater room size

Home theater room size varies between 150 sq ft to 400 sq ft.  Ideal size starts with width of 12ft and the length can be any size,

Home Theater Projectors

Projectors are of two types they are multimedia projectors, and Home Theater projectors.

Multimedia projectors are mainly used for short duration activities like small meating, Powerpoint Presentation in a conference room or outdoor

Home theater projector used for Movie purpose used for long hour playing, the resolution also is much better than multimedia projectors.

we have our demo room displaying 4k Projector.

Shorthrough Home theater Projector produce large image in short distance from the the screen.

Projector screens

projection screen

Determine Screen Size. Determine the optimum screen size based on room dimensions, seating size and room arrangement./ Best aspect ratio /choose a best screen material / Type of screen depending on the installation place and utility

Selecting the projector will determine the size of projection, you can select normal projector for a hall size above 14 feet to get a projection size of 120″ diagonal. Select Short through projector if the projection hall is small to get same size of image

Tripod type used for Portable Projection application

Pull down screen type  is used in living room area, as well in av room areas, you can manually pull down the screen or use remote in motorised type

The best type for Home Theater room is Fixed Frame type where there won’t be any wrinkle on the screen you will get the best result on projected image and visuals

The best aspect ratio (length:height) is 16:9 or 16:10

Amplifier and Speakers


About Amplifiers

Amplifier or Av receivers are integral part of Home theater AV room.  The parameters of the Amplifier that decides the selection. Number of channels and output wattage determine the selection of Speakers.  Modern and New ranges of Amplifier comes with DOLBY ATMOS, DTSX,ALEXA, WIFI features.  We have full Range demo room at our showroom.


Speakers decides 70% of Performance.  Frequency response, material used for drive units, and wattage decides the price.  we have Tower speakers, bipolar speakers, in wall speakers, in ceiling speakers, we have brands like KLIPSCH, JBL, MONITOR,TAGA HARMONY, YAMAHA, in action


About Speakers


Acoustic is the Science that deals with the Production, control, transmission, reception and effects of sound,acoustic is mainly used to for clarity of audible bandwidth of 20hz to 20khz.

Acoustic treatment of wall is mainly to used for proper transmission of sound wave,removing reverberation and echo in that room.  Acoustic used in Home Theater area, conference rooms, cinema halls, worship area like church industrial area, factories that has meeting rooms, auditoriums, for clear speech and live recording, clear listing

Acoustic is science that deals with the production, control, transmission, reception, and effects of sound.  The qualities that determine the ability of an enclosure (room)
to reflect sound waves in such a way as to produce distinct hearing.

The main application of acoustics is to make the music or speech sound as clear as possible.
It is achieved by reducing the sound barriers and increasing the factors that help in proper transmission of sound waves, removing reverberation, and echo on the room

Spectrum of wave can be divided into three sections: audio, ultrasonic, and infrasonic.
The audio range falls between 20 Hz and 20,000 Hz.
This range is important because its frequencies can be detected by the human ear.
it has a number of applications, including speech communication and music.

Acoustical materials are a variety of foams, fabrics, metals, etc.
used to quiet workplaces, homes, automobiles,
acoustica materials are used for clear hearing and sound protection inside to outside and outside to inside

In general, soft, form based , or porous materials , some fabrics can absorb most of the spectrum of sound frequency from 20hz to 20khz

acoustic treatment is important in Home Theater area, conference rooms, cinema halls, worship area like church industrial area, factories that has meeting rooms, auditoriums, for clear speech and live recording, clear listing

Acoustic Panels are the panels that are mounted on the reflective areas of the enclosure (rooms), there are two types of panels , Diffusor, Absorber namely on room acoustic building.

Acoustic Panels are placed on the side walls and Ceiling, Diffuser Panels are placed on the corner and reflective angle of our seating position, or Microphone position for recording. Absorber panels are placed on the side walls and diffuser second set is placed on the corner points of the enclosure (room). Ceiling acoustic panels are placed between listening point and speaker output point.
We can use Base Trap at the corner of room to improve the total performance of an acoustic room

Start by mounting bass absorbers and treating your first reflection points.
find out the Mirror angle to your Sitting position and the drive units of the speakers, you can use first diffuser panels and use absorber panels on both side of the walls, Corner again with Bass Trap acoustic panels. Ceiling area you can use Absorber panels to reduce Eco effect. Flooring area we can use acoustic carpet with higher NR value.


Automation is a science that make the work easier, the work can be live or can be scheduled.

Automation on industry is used for faster production and hygiene.

Programmable microcontroller used flexible programming, inturn used with Electrical and Electronic Switches to achieve the result.

Home Automation is one of the branch in Automation. With Home automation Lights, Fans, Curtain movements can be controlled.

Sensors play important role in Home Automation. Human sensor detect the presence of the people movement can activate the lights, Surveillance cameras
can be activated to Alarm and sending notification on your phone. Gate automation, can be done for opening and closing when your car reach home.

You can irrigate your plant in your absence, Motor control for pumping the water on scheduled time and duration also possible.

Maintaining the Temperature with our temperature sensor will help you to reduce electricity bill. All control can be done through your mobile from any part of the world.

Home automation



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